Going… Going…. Wait! It’s Coming Back!

It seems to come with all towns, big and small — a central old building whose bricks have outlived their purpose and now only supprt memories.  They stand, vacant and forlorn long enough for people accept that it has to be torn down. So it was with Memorial Hall.  

So long known as "That" building",  Memorial Hall — or whatever you called it in the past — now has a new future.  And one that will help Pine Plains with its future. To people "from" Pine Plains — whatever that means — the empty Memorial Hall held a treasury of warm memories.  But for anyone else, particularly potential entrepreneurs, the decaying building in the center of town was a mark of a community that could not get it together.  Until 3 businessmen with stakes in developing and preserving the community bought the old building at auction and rather than generating their own private plan,  they actually invited the community to have a say in how the centerpiece of the town could be used.  This video documents the first open meeting with the community.



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