Things to Come…

3D printing.  Not only will this will be coming on this website, but I am sure it will be coming into your life, too.  This is a game-changer.  Disruptive technology.  The latest […]

What a Great Idea!

John Gilmor’s glass studio had extra heat from the furnaces and the farmer’s market needed heat in the winter months. So they joined forces — collaborated — to everyone’s benefit, […]

This Old Mill

I often drove by an old building on the outskirts of Pine Plains and wondered about what it used to be.  It was by a mill pond so I naturally […]

A Farrier? What’s That?

Here in northeast Dutchess County, it was dairy farms and we were the Milk Bottle of New York City. But the dairy farms closed and different animals were brought to […]

Roll Your Own (Dumplings)

It was advertised as Dim Sum 101.  Chef and caterer, Michael Chesloff, would be coming down from Hillsdale — it’s actually just up the road — to give a cooking class […]

Howe They Farmed

This is about the Howe family. And their farm. In 1939, Carolyn Howe got married.  One of her wedding presents was a 16mm movie camera.  She took pictures of life […]