Howe They Farmed

This is about the Howe family. And their farm.

In 1939, Carolyn Howe got married.  One of her wedding presents was a 16mm movie camera.  She took pictures of life around her in Falls Village, Connecticut.

She became interested and started experimenting with color and composition.

There is no telling where her talents could have taken her. Hollywood?  But her creative abilities took her in a different direction. She stayed on the farm.

And she started taking documentary films about life on that farm.

She was right there when steel came along…

That baby grew up to become my friend, Pete Howe, who you can meet in Pine Plains Views in Wednesday Jam.  Pete and his brother, Jim, found these old movies and projected them on a wall and videoed them with a home VHS camcorder. All I did was some honest editing and set them to music. 

Carolyn and her sons had done the rest.

2 thoughts on “Howe They Farmed

  1. I grew up in Falls Village, and from my childhood in the 1970s remember Carolyn Howe as the kind older lady who lived across the street. So fascinating to watch these movies — I recognize the landscape perfectly and there is even a quick shot of my house in one of them! Also so interesting to see how people used to farm. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Kathleen,

      Thanks for commenting! Pete Howe moved to Virginia about 10 years ago but we are still in touch. I know he will like hearing that you remember his mother. I’m thrilled that you enjoy the videos. You might also want to check out for more. It’s another one of my websites.


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