Brickyard Jam

What started out as a test of a new camera ended up as a tasty dinner in a new restaurant, listening to some fun jamming and this little film. Great way to test a new camera!

The venue was the Hutton Brickyard along the Hudson waterfront in Kingston. The players were Earl Pardini, Keith Lovett, Jon Ahmadjian, Ray Pollard, and Larry Silver (from left to right). The Brickyard was new to them, too, but they are planning on jamming on Wednesday nights and pickers and tuners are welcome to join.

This was a warm initiation for my new website about The Hudson Valley. More, lots more, coming!

Several years ago I filmed Earl Pardini in the locomotive of the Catskill Mountain Railroad, a volunteer community organization where he used his railroad work experience to train people how, literally, to run a railroad.

You can see the Catskill Mountain Railroad film here.


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